Try Something New

IdeaDoneThatsAvg. Rating
Try Sudoku puzzles45.0000
Enjoy a pomegranate45.0000
Eat at Dairy Queen45.0000
Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies35.0000
Indulge yourself at Wilmar Chocolates35.0000
Play a game of Solitaire35.0000
Go to a movie35.0000
Pet a snake35.0000
Visit a museum35.0000
Eat at Bao Ju25.0000
Learn the Spanish word of the day25.0000
Find Orion in the night sky25.0000
Eat at El Azteca25.0000
Ride in a bumper car25.0000
Eat at The Charcoal Grill25.0000
Do a wall squat25.0000
Compose a Haiku25.0000
Bake brownies25.0000
Play tennis25.0000
Thumb wrestle with a friend25.0000
Visit Central Park in New York City25.0000
Jump on your bed25.0000
Make a sand castle25.0000
Eat at Hu Hot Mongolian Grill25.0000
Go for a bike ride25.0000
Eat oatmeal for breakfast25.0000
Solve a New York Times Crossword Puzzle25.0000
Eat at the Queen Bee25.0000
Play a game of Chess25.0000
Eat at JD's Drive-In25.0000
Eat tofu25.0000
Go bowling25.0000
Eat at Pizza King (Wisconsin Ave)25.0000
Join MySpace25.0000
Try yoga25.0000
Read a famous poem25.0000
Play disc (frisbee) golf25.0000
Watch the movie "Monsters, Inc."25.0000
Make and eat a S'more25.0000
Write a short story15.0000
Play the video game Pac-Man15.0000
Change the oil in your car15.0000
Visit a nearby zoo15.0000
Visit High Cliff State Park15.0000
Learn about clouds15.0000
Join a vampire game15.0000
Learn a joke to share15.0000
Ride a horse15.0000
Visit the History Museum in Appleton15.0000
Join Facebook15.0000
Watch the movie "Pulp Fiction"15.0000
Learn yoga, Warrior pose15.0000
Learn about proper hydration15.0000
Play the video game Tetris15.0000
Grow a cactus15.0000
Stone Sculpting15.0000
Pick up litter in your neighborhood15.0000
Visit Disneyland15.0000
Make and upload a YouTube video15.0000
Learn about a Dairy Farm15.0000
Visit Golden Gate Park in San Francisco15.0000
Learn about pizza15.0000
Walk on stilts15.0000
Visit Madison, capital of Wisconsin15.0000
Play a game of darts15.0000
Play New Baseball or Softball15.0000
Go to the YMCA of Appleton15.0000
Visit Alcatraz near San Francisco15.0000
Paint your room15.0000
Visit Des Moines, state capital of Iowa15.0000
Make an apple pie15.0000
Find the Big Dipper in the sky15.0000
Eat at Confucius15.0000
Try Pilates15.0000
Look at Craigslist15.0000
Dye your hair15.0000
Learn Judo15.0000
Watch the movie "Vertigo"15.0000
Bake and frost a cake15.0000
Enjoy an Eclair15.0000
Play cribbage15.0000
Make and Eat a Banana Split15.0000
Play the board game Risk15.0000
Visit St. Paul, capital of Minnesota15.0000
Make ice cream15.0000
Watch the movie "12 Angry Men"15.0000
Learn Karate15.0000
Watch the movie "Dark Knight"15.0000
Watch the "Harry Potter" movies15.0000
Tube or Paddle the Lower Red River15.0000
Grow your own carrot(s)15.0000
Make a silver ring15.0000
Eat Wheaties for breakfast15.0000
Decode the below message15.0000
Jump rope15.0000
Join a fitness club15.0000
Watch "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"15.0000
Watch the movie "Amadeus"15.0000
Play the video game Space Invaders15.0000
See a Packer game at Lambeau Field15.0000
Explore Buddhism15.0000
Wood carving15.0000
Watch the "Terminator" movies15.0000
Sell something on eBay15.0000
Watercolor painting15.0000
Visit Devils Lake State Park, WI15.0000
Get a Henna tattoo15.0000
Eat at Big Apple Bagels15.0000
Walk the Golden Gate Bridge15.0000
Read the National Enquirer15.0000
Visit Wind Cave National Park15.0000
Practice math with Arithmetris15.0000
Adopt a pet15.0000
Visit the United States Capitol15.0000
Search Wisconsin court records15.0000
Watch the "Star Wars" movies15.0000
Host a Murder Mystery party15.0000
Shop at a new grocery store15.0000
Watch "The Godfather"15.0000
Play the video game Pong15.0000
Read the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel15.0000
Visit a casino15.0000
Create an Origami object15.0000
Learn the Spanish word of the day1
Learn about Bats1
Make homemade candles1
Ride a horse1
Listen to Rush Limbaugh1
Explore Islam1
Explore Judaism1
Take a Kettlebell class1
Visit Annapolis, capital of Maryland1
Go parachuting or skydiving1
Compose a Haiku1
Read a book by Jane Austen1
Play a game of Canasta1
Play the video game Asteroids1
Shop at a new grocery store1
Go for a bike ride1
Learn some French1
Read a famous poem1
Grow a cactus1
Run or Walk in a Marathon1
Express your love on TheLoveBoard1
Learn some Mandarin Chinese1
Learn a joke to share1
Join an investment club1
Visit Baltimore Museum of Art1
Read the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel1
Read a book by Barbara Pym1

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